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Archive for March 2004

Austin Friends and places

There is too much fun stuff to do in Austin. This weekend is my last one that I will spend in Texas for a while. I enjoyed spending some time this weekend with a three friends that I have had the pleasure to meet in the short time that I have lived here. I also…

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Feeding Cattle with Cliff

Feeding cattle for the first time using the bales of hay in Cliff’s barn was fun. Cliff has square bales of hay in his barn and big round bales out in the corral in the field. When the cattle heard the tractor fire up they thought Cliff was going to go out, get a big…

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Working on a John Deere 530 with Cliff

Today I took my uncle Cliff to the doctor for a check-up. I drove him in my farm rat maroon Toyota Camry. We drove the eighteen miles to La Grange listening to country music and talking about life, health, and cattle.Cliff’s doctor is an US Air Force Lt. Colonel who just returned from Iraq. He…

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Web Development

PhotoShop and CSS how can I live without them! Well the development site is taking shape. I’m finally getting a chance to do some creative work on the banners. I’m also working on a ranch web site for the Martin’s. I had fun putting a horse’s head in a banner. This site is being…

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