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Archive for April 2004

Starvation Creek

I took my family to the Columbia Gorge which is always a favorite day trip for us. We had no place in mind for the hike when we left, but my son Zak got hungry righ near Starvation Creek State Park so that is wherewe stopped for our hike. The Columbia Gorge is beautiful any…

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A Family Guy and Artist?

Well writing is therapy for me and I have to write to think. I am still in a daze over the death of my dad and the shock of being back in Portland after spending a few months in Texas. I supposed that shifting gears is supposed to be easy but for me now days…

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Back in PDX Again

What a shock to be back in the land of good coffee and rain. I suppose that when you fly from place to place the change in climate and local culture is more shocking to most. For me the trip that started at the Lone Worm Ranch near Winchester, Texas late in March and dragged…

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