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Archive for July 2004

Garden Spiders

I am living in a bug farm out at the Lone Worm Ranch. There are grass ants, spiders, hoppers and wasps all over the place. My favorites are the spiders which technically are not bugs. The photo that I took is of a spider that made a web in front of my kitchen window. All…

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Thunder Cloud Sunrise

I was getting ready to go to work one morning and stepped outside my house on the Lone Worm Ranch. When I looked east towards the forest the sun was just peaking over the trees. This I had seen many times but what was above was a huge thunder cloud that had the most beautiful…

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Gas Hog Music Lover

Well as I was driving to work today I had a tearful moment. I usually like the meditative 47 mile drive from my ranch near Winchester, Texas to Austin, Texas. Today as I was listening to aBruce Hornsby sing Mandolin Rain I started to think about my dad and started to cry. I’m not sure…

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Got a job in Austin

I have a job in Austin and will start work tomorrow. It was my goal to find work here in Texas and live with my dad during his retirement. The fact that my dad passed away on April 1, 2004 made me more commited to relocating to central Texas to be near the ranch.Some quick…

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Lone Worm Ranch

If you are mildly curious about the ranch in Texas then click on this link and view the updated web site. I have placed some photos and maps there for your reference. I have also placed new photos on the website. The new photos are under the categories that start with 00. If…

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Back in Texas Again

I arrived back in the Austin area on Father’s Day last Sunday. When I left Portland the weather was just starting to get really nice. When I left Texas for Oregon in March the spring flowers were just starting to grow. Now it has rained 16 inches this month in central Texas and it feels…

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