Lone Worm Ranch

If you are mildly curious about the ranch in Texas then click on this link http://www.lonewormranch.com and view the updated web site. I have placed some photos and maps there for your reference. I have also placed new photos on the http://www.wormley.org website. The new photos are under the categories that start with 00.

If you plan to visit let me know and I will tell you where you can find the key in the event that I am not there. The house has electricity, well water and heat. Currently there is not a lot of furniture so if you plan to stay overnight bring a sleeping bag. There is plenty of floor space as the house is 1600 square feet.

Be prepared for lots of bugs if you visit in the summer months. If you plan on walking outside on the ranch long jeans and leather shoes are the best. The property has lots of thorns that get stuck in canvas shoes. Even hiking boots with rubber soles have a rough time. As you might guess the best shoe to wear is a cowboy boot with leather bottoms and no laces.

My adventures with fire ants and large ‘banana spiders’ and wasps have been interesting. I’m usually not upset with insects and I’m resisting the chemical warfare attitude here on the ranch. I have spoken to a few locals that have given me some suggestions about ranch management that does not involve the use of chemicals to control insects around the perimeter of the house.