I have moved my Linux server from Elgin, Texas to the West Lake area west of Austin, Texas where I am living. I have also upgraded the OS from Redhat 9 to Fedore Core 4 (with PHP 5). Having the server at my fingertips at my home is nice. The bandwidth is provided by Road Runner business class 5 Mbit down and 768 Mbit up. My web sites are not heavy traffice sites so I believe that the traffic will not be too slow but let me know if thee is a problem.

Currently the site is back online. I am planning moving away from PHP Nuke and using Joomla! for my Linux based portals. The site is basically a photo archive for my digital images so it will become a Joomla site as soon as I select a Gallery module that works easily.

Joomla! is the next version of Mambo. The WiFi Cowboys web site is currently powered by Mambo. I tried to do the documented conversion to Joomla! but it did not work so I will keep it at Mambo for now.