My Ride North – 5 days in a row

Today I rode to the 24-Hour Fitness in North Austin near 183 and Breaker Road. I rode up Shoale Creek Road for the first time on my bike. It was a nice change of pace to ride on flat roads through Austin for a change. I rode about 14 miles from where I work to the gym in about an hour.

My body and mind are getting use to the conditioning that I am going to ride my bike everyday. I am also gettong to a mental state that allows me to enjoy riding my bike without a thought to measuring how fast am I going and trying to race with my self or others. Riding my bike as a commuter is really enjoyable and I am just starting to settle into a rhythm when I ride. I am not in a hurry to get to my destination as the ride experience is the whole point of being out on a bike in the first place.

Four days in a row

Today is the fourth day that I have ridden my bike and the third day bike commuting to work. I am working out on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday in the 24 Hour Fitness lifting weights and running the indoor track. My one way commute is about 13 miles. I have three routs to work and all of them include hills.

I have not done a 100 mile week on my bike in about 4 years. I’m really excited to be getting back in shape and riding again. I am not as storng on the hills as I want to be and my right knee and leg is not as strong as my left but I feel great overall.

Sunday 6/25/2006 I rode from where I live near Cuernevaca and Bee Caves to the 24 Hour Fitness near Great Hills and HYW 183. Monday, tuesday and Wednesday I ahve been doing round trips to where I work near downtown Austin. Each day I am riding about 26 miles.

There are several hills that I have found in Austin that I require the services of my Granny Gear. When I ride home on Staford Road starting behind Zilker park the climb is so steep and fast that I just drop down into my triple and plow my way up the hill. I am training for the Hotter Than Hell Ride in August so I am training on riding home in the afternoon when it is hot.

Staford Road runs into Redbud Lane which is another hill that climbs gradually for about a mile before it levels off. Redbud is the route that is a challenge for me. I ride it when it is hot and right after I have turned off of Staford and by this time I am already pretty winded. I like to ride this 13 mile route home because it allows me to get a really good workout in about one hour.

No Sleep Tonight

Well I could not sleep tonight so I decided to get my password recovered for my blog. I guess when all else fails I can hace stuff on my computer. Sometimes I wonder why I hae more fun hacking on Linux than I do playing computer games. Actually I’m not really very good at computer games and when I’m in the mist or real Linux gurus I’m not a very good Linux hacker, but I like it.

Tonight I finaly got access to my blog. I have been wanting to write in it for a few months now but I have been too lazy and busy to remember my password or figure out how to reset it. I converted my server from RedHat 9 to Fedora Core 5 so I had to rebuild all of my web services and MySQL databases from a backup. Somewhere along the way I forgot my username and password for this blog. Anyway I’m back in business.

I am seriously considering changeing from using Movable Type (MT) to Word Press (WP). When I started using MT a few years ago it was totally free but now MT is sort of commercial software and WP is totally open source. I amy work on the move to WP on my next sleepless night.