No Sleep Tonight

Well I could not sleep tonight so I decided to get my password recovered for my blog. I guess when all else fails I can hace stuff on my computer. Sometimes I wonder why I hae more fun hacking on Linux than I do playing computer games. Actually I’m not really very good at computer games and when I’m in the mist or real Linux gurus I’m not a very good Linux hacker, but I like it.

Tonight I finaly got access to my blog. I have been wanting to write in it for a few months now but I have been too lazy and busy to remember my password or figure out how to reset it. I converted my server from RedHat 9 to Fedora Core 5 so I had to rebuild all of my web services and MySQL databases from a backup. Somewhere along the way I forgot my username and password for this blog. Anyway I’m back in business.

I am seriously considering changeing from using Movable Type (MT) to Word Press (WP). When I started using MT a few years ago it was totally free but now MT is sort of commercial software and WP is totally open source. I amy work on the move to WP on my next sleepless night.