My Ride North – 5 days in a row

Today I rode to the 24-Hour Fitness in North Austin near 183 and Breaker Road. I rode up Shoale Creek Road for the first time on my bike. It was a nice change of pace to ride on flat roads through Austin for a change. I rode about 14 miles from where I work to the gym in about an hour.

My body and mind are getting use to the conditioning that I am going to ride my bike everyday. I am also gettong to a mental state that allows me to enjoy riding my bike without a thought to measuring how fast am I going and trying to race with my self or others. Riding my bike as a commuter is really enjoyable and I am just starting to settle into a rhythm when I ride. I am not in a hurry to get to my destination as the ride experience is the whole point of being out on a bike in the first place.