30 Mile Ride Home

Yesterday on 7/5/2006 I took the long way home. I rode from Huston-Tillotson University to the Lady Bird Johnson Wild Flower Center and then home on San Augustine Drive. I traveled on Mo Pac and 360 for most of the trip. The weather was hot and humid.

I stopped at the Bicycle Sport Shop and added two water bottles to my bike. I need to carry sports drinks in addition to my water blader on my back for hydration in the hot Texas heat. I am drinking a lot on my rides but the sweat does not evaporate from my skin beccause of the humidity. I am getting use to the fact that riding in Texas means riding when it is hot and humid.

My starting milage for the month of July is 683 miles. My total milage for my bike commute on 7/5/2006 was 43 miles. I am excited about increasing my riding distance in preperation for the Hotter Than Hell Ride in August.