6 days in a row

Mileage at the start of this week was 766 and now it is 945 giving me a total of 179 miles this week. Yester day on my ride to the gym in North Austin I rode for 58 minutes, 14 miles and averaged 14.1 MPH.

Today I will be working at a pond on the Austin Pond Tour so I do not know if I will have the time to ride today. It sure would be nice to get a 21 mile ride in this evening so that I can have my first 200 mile week in Texas.

When I’m riding my bike I notice dogs in cars and trucks hanging their heads out of windows. They look so happy and I wonder if my excitement about having the wind blow in my face while I am riding is connected with hanging my head out the window of a car when I was a child. It seems riding a bike can bring me closer to my feelings of youth than most things that I do during the day. Having the ability to power yourself with a bike on flat ground at 18-20 MPH is really cool. Going down a hill on a bike at 35-48 MPH is the ultimate E ticket for me. I remember when I was growing up I use to tell folks that I wanted to be a dog when I grew up. I suppose that this is as close as I will get to that dream.

When I think about what I like about riding a bike and being a dog I can find many similarities. For one thing when I am on a bike I have the freedom to go places that cars can not go. Of course when I ride my bike I observe all traffic signals just like I was driving in a car. What I mean is that when I’m driving in a car so much of the world is shielded away from you because you are driving fast in a car on a street with other cars. When I’m on a bike I’m going much slower and I can see stuff that I would not see from a car. If I choose to stop and explore it I pause for a moment to check it out. this is what dogs do when they are out exploring, the can be running one moment and then stop and check stuff out before continuing.

Another aspect that my cycling resembles being a dog is riding in groups with other cyclists. I enjoy the company of riding with other folks n bikes. Dogs like to hang out in packs and wolfs depend on packs to hunt. Cyclist also can ride a lot faster in a group just like migratory birds fly in formation to increase their flying distance.