Ride to the Gym on 360

Today I bike commute 31 miles in two hours and 16 minutes and averaged 13.6 miles per hour. I rode in to work via Bee Caves and Barton Springs and then rode to the gym via Bee Caves and up 360.

Weather conditions were

HighDew PointHumidityVisibilityPressureWinds
90°F67°F49%10.0 miles29.89 steadyFrom ESE

I had trouble riding up Great Hills after turning off from 360. Right afrt I started up the very steep hill (to me) I decided to shift into my Granny Gear and I lost my chain. I was very hot and tired at the time and tere is no shoulder and there was a lot of traffic at the time. I waited for all traffice to pass and put my chain back on and then attempetd to get on my bike to continut the steep climb. I had to ride out into two lanes of the street to get my balance and enough momentum to start riding up the hill. I am proud to be able to ride this year in the Texas heat. Last year I could not ride when it was this hot, especially up hills.

When I got to the gym I did about 30 minutes or resistance training then I got on the tread mill and ran 3.25 miles in about 35 minutes. I really like running on the treadmill with my iPod.