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Archive for August 2006

The Treadmill and an iPod

I have not been keeping track of how many miles I run each week. Last night I ran 7 miles in 71 minutes and gained 600 (do not know what it means) in elevation. I had not used a treadmill for running or walking until about a month ago, but it has become one of…

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Hotter 'n Hell Hundred 2006

Well I rode 75 miles in 4.5 hours in 108 degree heat. I did not get to do the full 100 miles because Hells Gate closed at 11:15 AM and I arrived at 11:30 AM. The event coordinators closed it earlier than the scheduled time of 12:30 because of the rising temperature in the area.…

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Week 34 Cycling

My ODO is 1627 at the start of this week. I rode 133 miles in week 33. I am riding in the Hotter Than Hell 100 on August 26, 2006 which is this Saturday so I am taking it easy this week and not riding any intense hills. I do not want to injure myself…

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The Colored of Purple

This is my continuing transformation of my self portrait. The original image was taken in my bathroom with my Canon 10D. I am trasforming the image into an expression of what I feel like and think inside. So why do I see myself as a purple colored person? Well purple is one of my favorite…

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Dusting off the Wacom Tablet

Well I have gone completely psycho with my Wacom UD 12-12 tablet. I was inspired by watching JT in a meeting draw with his tablet on his Mac using Painter. I thought to myself that I have not fired up my Wacom tablet in years. So this is what I created. Oh yeah it is…

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Card to Kalia and Zak

I designed this card using an image that I took with my Canon 10D. I crafted the card using Adobe PhotoShop, Illustrator and InDesign. I had a lot of fun with the card. I exported it as a JPG file to use on my Blog site. I made the card for my children, Kalia and…

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