The Colored of Purple

This is my continuing transformation of my self portrait. The original image was taken in my bathroom with my Canon 10D. I am trasforming the image into an expression of what I feel like and think inside.

So why do I see myself as a purple colored person? Well purple is one of my favorite colors along with yellow. If you look at pictures of my bike you can see how nice they look togather. LonniePurple is also the color of the skin of my comic characters the Zulu Aqua Mareens. I also like purple because it is at the end of the visible spectrum of light that we can see with the naked eye. If you look at a color spectrum chart you will see what I am talking about. Purple is next to Ultra Violet waves and they are short so we can not see them. My characters, the Zulu Aqua Mareens change from visible light to invisible light as they travel through space.