Week 34 Cycling

My ODO is 1627 at the start of this week. I rode 133 miles in week 33. I am riding in the Hotter Than Hell 100 on August 26, 2006 which is this Saturday so I am taking it easy this week and not riding any intense hills. I do not want to injure myself before the big ride.

The temperature that I was riding in during week 33 (last week) was 100+ degrees. Everyday last week was between 100 and 104 degrees except for Saturday which was 97 degrees. I’m pretty sure that I’m in good condition for the 100 mile ride in Wichita Falls Texas. I have been riding every day to work and back and some riding on weekends. I have also been working out at least twice a week and sometimes three times a week at 24 Hour Fitness.

So for my morning ride the weather at 7 am is 72 degrees 84% humidity with an expected high of 101 degrees and 34% humidity at 4 PM. The hills are calling my name.