Hotter 'n Hell Hundred 2006

Well I rode 75 miles in 4.5 hours in 108 Lonnie at the HHH startdegree heat. I did not get to do the full 100 miles because Hells Gate closed at 11:15 AM and I arrived at 11:30 AM. The event coordinators closed it earlier than the scheduled time of 12:30 because of the rising temperature in the area. I averaged 17.9 miles per hour for the first 50 miles.

I enjoyed doing the ride even though I was a little disappointed about not being able to ride the full 102 miles. Next year I will make an extra effort to get closer to the starting line with the official pack of riders that are riding the 100 mile course. I rode fast enough to finish the 100 miles but I just got a late start waiting 45 minutes to actually get riding after the official starting cannon blast.

I will post more pictures when they are available.

My ODO is 1777 so I rode 150 miles during week 35