Fall in the Hill Country

Well today is a milestone for my cycling in Texas. Today is the first ride in Texas that I have had to use my arm warmers. This morning it was 59 degrees accordiing the National Weather Service. I started working a 4 day work week last week so my bike milage has dropped. Currently my bike odometer reads 2,080 miles.

During the past two weeks I have been riding with my helmet mounted light and flashers during all of my morning commute and part of the way home. I also have been riding when a big thunder storm started dumping rain. It felt good to ride in the rain with the air temperature in the 80s.

Austin City Limits End of Day Three

09-17-06_1246.jpgRain Hebrew Rap – Matisyahu, Performance Art – Flaming Lips, Classic Rock – Tom Petty more rain and then more Tom Petty. What a day to end the festival. Here is my ACL Day 3 schedule. You can check out all of my cheesey camera phone photos at the Wormley Photo Archive.

The Flaming Lips by far impressed me the most on Day three of ACL. The lead singer placed himself inside a giant plastic sphere, walked off the stage, and rolled across the standing fans hands for several minutes as the band played. There were about 40 dancers on stage; half were dressed as Santa Clause and the other half were dresses as green faced female aliens. The crowd knew all the lyrics to their songs as this was a local Austin band.

K. T. Turnstall played an incredible set of music. She is a singer songwriter from Scotland that used loopback technology live on stage in a few of her songs. She played guitar and rocked the crowd with her ballads of love and protest.

I did not hear the bands that I planned to hear with the exception of Tom Petty and Kathleen Edwards but I was plesantly surprised as usual by the selection of music that I did hear.

Austin City Limits End of Day Two

Here is my ACL Day 2 schedule. Well I finally saw one of my favorite bands, Los Lobos. I purchased their latest CD and got it autographed. I have a lot of Los Lobos music and I have been a fan since the early 1980’s, but I have never heard the band play live.

I also listened to a band called Murder By Death. This band played what I call teenage angst music. The electric cello player was a young girl with an intense playing style.

Phoenix was another band that was nice to hear play. The band was from France but they sang in English. The music was high tech rock with a European flare.

Austin City Limits End of Day One

Well I have to say it was another great day at a great festival. The grass was watered all year by the parks department so there was no dust during the first day. The music was great and I am having a hard time trying to pick who I liked best out of the bands that I heard today. I have posted all of my pictures that I took with my phone camera on the Wormley Photo web site. Here is my ACL Day 1 schedule.

I’ll start with the last act from Friday’s show first as that is what is fresh on my mind. I have been listening to Van Morrison for most of my life ever since I was a teen ager back in the 1970’s. Until today I have never seen what he looks like so hearing him perform live was a real treat. Van is a real pro when it comes to stagemanship and his band was really tight. A lot of the songs in his set, both new and old, were arranged with a Texas twang thay only Van Morrison could do with his material. He led the band through some new hits and old hits as they went from country swing to jazz to rock at the finale. It took a few songs for the band to show in their faces that they were really having fun, but they were all excellent musicians and played like the loved to make music.

The next band that I liked was Gnarls Barkley. They are a cross between George Clinton and Funkedelic and the new wave performer Thomas Dolby. I first saw then on a David Letterman Show that I randomly recorded on my Tivo last week. In fact the song that the group lead off their set with was She Blinded me with Science. The 13 piece group came on stage with white lab coats, blues shirts and black eye glasses. Gnarles Barkley has four women playing electronic violins and a cello called the G-Strings, they rocked and did the Supremes routine from their chairs when they were not playing. The two women and one man that made up the back up singers also played percussion instruments while they sang.

Another of my favorite bands is Thievery Corporation. This international ensemble of musicians and a belly dancer appeared on a small stage last year. This year they got bumped up to a main stage. I first heard Thievery Corporation’s music on an Internet radio station called Groove Salad which is broadcast by Soma FM in northern California. This group is really amazing because they perform many styles or music and mix it up. They play Brazilian, Persian, Rock and Rap. When the musicians play some ambient Groove Salad stuff the belly dancer comes on stage and captivates the audience with her moves.

Austin City Limits Music Festival Day One

Well this will be my third trip to the Austin City Limits Music Festival and Sylvia’s second trip. This is a great festival and a chance to see a lot of diverse live music and just enjoy being in Austin. If you ever come to Austin this is an event that you will enjoy. There is music representing the genres of gospel, jazz, country, rock, blues, world beat and electronic. There are name acts like Tom Petty and Van Morrison to Internet radio favorites like Thievery Corporation.

Bee Caves Road Traffic

Today I rode both ways to work the exact same route. My round trip was 26.31 miles in 1 hour 37 minutes with an averageBee Caves Road 01 speed of 16.1 miles per hour and a maximum sped of 37 miles per hour. I on my ride to work I got to Lamar in 37 minutes. The total elevation round trip is about 1200 feet. I used my GPS to get the elevation but I want to verify this figure on another ride.

There is a lot of traffic during the time school is in session on Bee Caves Road in the morning. The back up of cars and trucks extends from Barton Creek Road all the way to the gas station about 1/8th of a mile from Cuernavaca which is about 3 miles. I can ride my bike from Bee Caves and Cuernavaca to Loop 360 faster than a car can drive the distance in the morning.

This morning as I rode up the long Cuernavaca hill towards Bee Caves Road a guy in a silver Toyota pick-up truck slowed down to tell me that I made good time on Bee Caves Road riding. It made me feel good about my abilities on my bike. Yesterday on my ride home I was trying to keep up with a guy on a Serotta and I could barley keep up with him. I arrived home sort of frustrated with my riding abilities. So it was a nice boost to my ego to have someone out of the blue slow down and give me words of encouragement.

A lot of times we are not aware of how people see what we do. I know that it may seem crazy for me and others like me to ride bikes to work. Sometimes it is hard to get up in the morning and get on a bike and start riding up hills to go to work. One thing that is clear to me is that I want people to see from their cars that there is a possibility that a person can ride a bike to work instead of sitting in a car stuck in bumper to bumper traffic. If more pepole rode bikes to work there would be less pollution in the air and a lot of happy people enjoying being outside and getting in shape.

Lone Worm Rancher

Here in Texas it was a hot and dry August but as school starts and September starts to roll in the rains ageLone Worm Rancher finally starting to flow.
I rented an animated film that you may be interested in seeing. The film was written and directed by my favorite animator Hayao Miyazaki. I am sure you know his work as you have some of his films on DVD like Spirited Away. The film that I rented is Porco Rosso and it is very good. You may recognize some of the actors who do the voices like Michael Keaton. The story involves a young woman who helps Porco re-build his airplane. She has an engineering background and the plane is built by all women.

The images on the card were taken by me out at the ranch. I have started to take pictures of myself by holding my camera or my phone camera away from me and just taking pictures. I was inspired to do this when I was in New York visiting my sister. I met one of her step sons who is a photographer and he was doing this with his camera. He told me that sometimes it is not the quality of the photo image but the fact that you took it that matters. I have started to take some of these pictures and make images for cards for you to enjoy.


I’m starting the month weighing 196 pounds. I started the year of 2006 weighing 225 pounds. Since the start of the year and my participation in the Active for Live program and my own exercise program I have lost 29 pounds. I have done this purely with exercise alone and have not stopped eating what I like.

I would suppose that if I were to claim that I was on any diet it would be a beef died. I love beef and after living on the westJ. Wellington Wimpy coast for most of my life I was glad to move to Texas where the fear of eating beef does not exist. My favorite form of beef is a hamburger. I am like the Popeye character J. Wellington Wimpy when it comes to burgers, I could eat one everyday.

My favorite source for burgers has to be What-A-Burger and Fuddruckers. I like What-A-Burger because they have a good cheap burger and I can mix a Big Red and Dr. Pepper to drink with my burger. I like Fuddruckers because they use fresh baked bread and I can put lots of tomato slices on the burger.

Week 36 Cycling

My ODO is 1893 at the start of week 36 so I rode 116 miles during the week 35. I started August with my ODO at 1202 so I rode 691 miles in August. Yesterday I rode home in another afternoon of 100+ degree weather and I did not want to ride, but I did. That is what I like about bike commuting, you ride when you do not want to ride and then after you start riding you really enjoy it.

I ride now as a form of relaxation and a source of energy. Riding my bike is my psycho (cycle) therapy. I am not in a hurry to get places when I ride my bike. When I ride my bike I get there when I get there.