Lone Worm Rancher

Here in Texas it was a hot and dry August but as school starts and September starts to roll in the rains ageLone Worm Rancher finally starting to flow.
I rented an animated film that you may be interested in seeing. The film was written and directed by my favorite animator Hayao Miyazaki. I am sure you know his work as you have some of his films on DVD like Spirited Away. The film that I rented is Porco Rosso and it is very good. You may recognize some of the actors who do the voices like Michael Keaton. The story involves a young woman who helps Porco re-build his airplane. She has an engineering background and the plane is built by all women.

The images on the card were taken by me out at the ranch. I have started to take pictures of myself by holding my camera or my phone camera away from me and just taking pictures. I was inspired to do this when I was in New York visiting my sister. I met one of her step sons who is a photographer and he was doing this with his camera. He told me that sometimes it is not the quality of the photo image but the fact that you took it that matters. I have started to take some of these pictures and make images for cards for you to enjoy.