Austin City Limits End of Day Three

09-17-06_1246.jpgRain Hebrew Rap – Matisyahu, Performance Art – Flaming Lips, Classic Rock – Tom Petty more rain and then more Tom Petty. What a day to end the festival. Here is my ACL Day 3 schedule. You can check out all of my cheesey camera phone photos at the Wormley Photo Archive.

The Flaming Lips by far impressed me the most on Day three of ACL. The lead singer placed himself inside a giant plastic sphere, walked off the stage, and rolled across the standing fans hands for several minutes as the band played. There were about 40 dancers on stage; half were dressed as Santa Clause and the other half were dresses as green faced female aliens. The crowd knew all the lyrics to their songs as this was a local Austin band.

K. T. Turnstall played an incredible set of music. She is a singer songwriter from Scotland that used loopback technology live on stage in a few of her songs. She played guitar and rocked the crowd with her ballads of love and protest.

I did not hear the bands that I planned to hear with the exception of Tom Petty and Kathleen Edwards but I was plesantly surprised as usual by the selection of music that I did hear.