Lone Worm Ranch Thanksgiving 2006

Lonnie BBQWell this was a very special Thanksgiving for me. It was a time for being thankful for a lot of things. For me it was a time of a lot of first time experiences. For one thing it was the first time that my sister and her family, my mother and my children celebrated Thanksgiving togather. It was the first time that my sister’s husband and children have been to the ranch.

I have not cooked a meal for a family function in a few years so I was nervous. I fried a turkey and prepared barbeque ribs and brisket. I had never prepared these dishes, but I did it with the help of my daughter Kalia and son Zak. I can not wait to smoke some meat again.

The group photo has fro left to right starting with the front row, Kalia Wormley, Becca Vietze. On the second row is Zak Wormley, Lone Worm Ranch 2006 family portraitLa Verne Wormley and Josh Vietze. On the back row is Lonnie Wormley, Deborah Vietze-Wormley, Sylvia McCormick and Peter Vietze.

Yeah it was a long weekend when I had a chance to start new memories and traditions. One of the best Thanksgivings is the one where you can relax and enjoy being.

You can see all of the images taken with my camera at the Wormley Family Photo Archive. There is an album for the Lone Worm Ranch and on for San Antonio.