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Archive for January 2007

Site Ground migration

For the past 5 or 6 years I have run my own Linux and Windows servers. I started out with them in my house in Portland when I first got DSL. When I moved to Texas I had both servers in a data center. Then I moved them to my residence in Austin. Now I…

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Second Life

I have joined an online social community called Second Life. I heard about it this week as I was watching an episode of Rocketboom on my Tivo. If you would like to join Second Life click here and I will get some Linden dollars as a referral. You can join for free but if you…

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The New Year

Some folks have said that the new year means nothing. The belief is that time is an arbitrary measurement of time. Saying that a year starts at a certain moment really means nothing. So at this time when the western civilized world sees fit to mark an ending of a chapter in time and the…

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