Site Ground migration

For the past 5 or 6 years I have run my own Linux and Windows servers. I started out with them in my house in Portland when I first got DSL. When I moved to Texas I had both servers in a data center. Then I moved them to my residence in Austin. Now I am in the process of moving my personal and client web sites to a real hosting service, Site Ground.

I have learned a lot over the years about Linux and Windows by running my own servers. The trade-offs of doing this are many but there have been some benefits which I hate to part with. What got me started in running my own servers was that I got tired of my ISP in Portland telling me that I had to pay more money for disk space for my web site. I have a large archive of photos that I just like having online. I also liked being able to configure what ever I wanted on the servers.

There are pit-falls in running your own servers. When something breaks and you see the famous error See Your Administrator, then that means you! Fixing my mistakes is what made me learn under fire. There is nothing like learning DNS and SendMail when you are trying to get your resume out to a client.

I have learned that there is a big world wide community of folks that support open-source software. It is this community that I have learned so much from. I had a friend tell me that everything you want to learn about the Internet you can learn from the Internet. I have found thsi to be true. I have learned all the major Internet server technologies by running my own open-source server.

Second Life

I have joined an online social community called Second Life. I heard about it this week as I was watching an episode of Rocketboom on my Tivo. If you would like to join Second Life click here and I will get some Linden dollars as a referral. You can join for free but if you upgrade to a premium account you can get some Linden Dollars to spend in the virtual world of Second Life.ÂÂ

I decided to join Second Life because I have been futzing with computers and the Internet for over 15 years and I have not been able to use them for entertainment successfully. I always rely on using a television and DVD player for my home entertainment. I love listening to music, but I usually do that when I am driving in my truck, working (with computers mostly) or working out in the gym. So during the 2007 ice storm in central Texas I decided to join Second Life.

The New Year

Some folks have said that the new year means nothing. The belief is that time is an arbitrary measurement of time. Saying that a year starts at a certain moment really means nothing. So at this time when the western civilized world sees fit to mark an ending of a chapter in time and the start of a new one I am making an attempt to just continue to be consistent in keeping my life going the way that it is.

This past year I have become officially divorced. There was a time in my life that I believed that I could not live as a divorced person. It has been very hard living without being around my sona and daughter. My children live in Portland, Oregon and I reside in Austin, Texas.

But my problems are nothing compared to what a lot of other people in the world are going through. Katrina did a lot of damage in 2005 and folks are still re-building their lives and homes. I am happy for my life and I am living the live I love and loving the life that I live.