Second Life

I have joined an online social community called Second Life. I heard about it this week as I was watching an episode of Rocketboom on my Tivo. If you would like to join Second Life click here and I will get some Linden dollars as a referral. You can join for free but if you upgrade to a premium account you can get some Linden Dollars to spend in the virtual world of Second Life.ÂÂ

I decided to join Second Life because I have been futzing with computers and the Internet for over 15 years and I have not been able to use them for entertainment successfully. I always rely on using a television and DVD player for my home entertainment. I love listening to music, but I usually do that when I am driving in my truck, working (with computers mostly) or working out in the gym. So during the 2007 ice storm in central Texas I decided to join Second Life.