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Archive for March 2007

So you want to be a super hero?

Sometimes I wonder what a super hero thinks when he  or she wakes up eack morning.  I was driving to work this past week and I started imagining what a super hero thinks when he wakes up each day. Each day he knows that someone will need his help and he will have to solve…

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My Act

This was a very interesting month.  I created a new web site and logo for Elite Land Works. I dusted off my Wacom tablet and converted a sketch that I had drawn into a digital logo for the company web site.  I drew the logo while I was assisting a Landmark Education Advanced Course (LEAC). …

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Who is Driving?

When I did the Landmark Education Advanced course I had the realization that my act was controlling a lot of how I was being in life. I articulated this fact in my sharing by telling the group that dealing with my act was like I was in a car riding in the back seat and…

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