So you want to be a super hero?

Sometimes I wonder what a super hero thinks when he  or she wakes up eack morning.  I was driving to work this past week and I started imagining what a super hero thinks when he wakes up each day.

Each day he knows that someone will need his help and he will have to solve a life threating situation at the last minute.  Does he dread this or does he just accept that way things are?

I have the same way of being when I go to work at Huston-Tillotson University.  I use to complain about the way things were.  now I take complete responsibility for my actions and I am prepared to create from nothing a solotion to any problem that I may face.

My Act

This was a very interesting month.  I created a new web site and logo for Elite Land Works. I dusted off my Wacom tablet and converted a sketch that I had drawn into a digital logo for the company web site.  I drew the logo while I was assisting a Landmark Education Advanced Course (LEAC).  During this LEAC I really got a chance to re-discover my act.

My act is “Don’t tell me what to do, I can handle it!” The birth of my act is when I was about 5 years old and I was in the car waiting for my dad to close the garage door.  I pushed in the cigarette lighter and then put my finger inside of the hot element.  My dad said, ” Don’t you know if you play with fire you will get burned?”  That was the birth of my act.  Ever since then my act has been setting up my view of the world so that I can say “Don’t tell me what to do, I can handle it!” 

Who is Driving?

When I did the Landmark Education Advanced course I had the realization that my act was controlling a lot of how I was being in life. I articulated this fact in my sharing by telling the group that dealing with my act was like I was in a car riding in the back seat and there was a drunk at the wheel. After being exposed to the Landmark Education Advance I am able to notice when my act is in control and I fight my way to the front seat and take control.

So now I am in a seminar on relationships. This morning I was reflecting on how my relationship with my act was going. My act is that I am stupid. My act filters a lot of what I perceive to be as what is so. If I use the analogy of the car I can now say that I am driving the car most of the time and my act is in the back seat. My act is always going to be there but I can see what it is and make a choice to listen to if or ignore it.

I can now see that a lot of barriers in my relationships are created when I pretend to be stupid so that I do not have to take responsibility for the direction the relationship is going.  I realize that being related and 100% responsible affects all aspect of my life.  For example I have invented the possibility of being an artist.  I have struggled with being an artist because I have struggled with being related.  How can an artist be fully expressed when he struggles with being related?

Being fully self expressed and living an invented life is what I am being. I realize that the only barriers that prevent me from having anything that I want in my life are the ones that I create.