Working out in the sun

Lonnie with DR Trimmer (small)Yesterday I was working out in the hot humid Texas sun. I drank a lot of water while I use my DR Trimmer to continue my work of clearing brush from around the house and the Pecan Trees. I was walking with the wheel burrow and I had my reoccurring feeling that my ancestors were with me. Working the land does not feel as strange as it did when I first came to Texas to live in late 2003.

Morning ride on RR-620

I live at 10013 RR-620 N Austin, TX 78726. I rode 32 miles to work at 900 Chicon Street in Austin. I rode west on RR-620 to Bee Caves and then cut behind the new mall on a road that is still under construction.

Bike Riding on FM 620

I rode from east Austin where I work out to the trailer storage where I now live on FM 620. It was a 30 mile ride that was hilly, hot and humid. I am getting into the rhythm of bike commuteing again. I rode my bike to work and back twice this week. I located my bike light so that I can start riding early in the morning or late at night.