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Archive for October 2007

Miamiville Trail in Ohio

Today after my UNIX training class I went for a walk with some classmates on a trail. I took this first picture from an old railroad bridge that crosses the Miami River. The sun was not in an optimal location for the picture but I took it anyway. I hope to return to this location…

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Running in Miami Ohio

I am attending Jenzabar Cars CX training in Loveland, Ohio this week.  Loveland is north east of Cincinnati, Ohio.  After the class today I went for a run along a bike trail that use to be the Miami railroad.  This railroad played a part in the Civil War.  It is now a Little Miami state park established…

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My first 10 mile run

Today I ran all the way around Lady Bird Johnson Lake in Austin. I started at the Longhorn dam on Pleasant Valley and ran counter clockwise. I chose to run counter clockwise so that I would have the steep side of the Riverside Drive hill at the end mf my run. I ran the 10…

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