Miamiville Trail in Ohio

Miami RiverToday after my UNIX training class I went for a walk with some classmates on a trail. I took this first picture from an old railroad bridge that crosses the Miami River. The sun was not in an optimal location for the picture but I took it anyway. I hope to return to this location one morning to take more pictures. The second picture is of the trail showing how the trees line up along the edges. The trail is a old railway right-of-way so it is flat and straight.Miami Trail (small)

I like trails like this because they pass through parts of towns where you can see industrial sites as well as residential homes with ease. Sometimes I imagine that I am a train and I am rolling along pulling cars to my destination.

Running in Miami Ohio

I am attending Jenzabar Cars CX training in Loveland, Ohio this week.  Loveland is north east of Cincinnati, Ohio.  After the class today I went for a run along a bike trail that use to be the Miami railroad.  This railroad played a part in the Civil War.  It is now a Little Miami state park established in 1970.  I ran for about 8 miles.

Fall weather is beautiful here in Loveland, Ohio.  Today the high was 60 degrees and the low last night was 30 degrees.  Last night was the first freeze of the fall for this area.  I was running in my shorts and everyone that I saw had on long leggings and long sleeves or jackets.  Some bike riders even had gloves.  I just think that just a few days ago when I was running in Austin it was 85 degrees.

My first 10 mile run

Today I ran all the way around Lady Bird Johnson Lake in Austin. I started at the Longhorn dam on Pleasant Valley and ran counter clockwise. I chose to run counter clockwise so that I would have the steep side of the Riverside Drive hill at the end mf my run. I ran the 10 miles in 95 minutes. I am inspired that I ran an average of 9.5-minute miles.

For this week I ran three days for a total of 22 miles.  I want to run a marathon, 26 miles in one day.  I was not tired or exhausted after the 10 mile run today.  I will have to carry my water pack the next time that I do a 10 mile run.

East Lady Bird Johnson Lake Evening Run

I ran around the lake in Austin starting from the Longhorn Dam going clockwise last night.  I ran across the I-35 bridge and back to my car starting at 7:15 PM and finished at 7:52 PM.  It was a nice cool run  and the last moments of the sunset were spectacular.