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Archive for November 2007

November in Plainfield, New Jersey

I am visiting my sister and her family in Plainfield, New Jersey.  This year the trees still had fall color in the remaining leaves. I took several pictures walking in the park.  I asked Peter Vietze, my sister’s husband to take this picture of Sylvia and I.  I ran through the neighborhood twice during my…

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The Runner

This is my second drawing that I completed in my hotel room in Cincinnati, Ohio. I wanted to capture the feeling that I have when I am running. This picture along with the self portrait that I drew last week are two pictures that have a common technique. Most of my pencil drawings are worked…

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Running in Miami Ohio on Sunday

So what motivates me to go out and run 10 miles before watching a football game?  Well for starters it is the way I feel at mile eight when Little Feat came on my iPod singing Feets Don’t Fail Me Now.  Somehow after running the first two miles that seem like death at mile eight…

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Ohio Self Portrait, What is Possible

I am drawing a portrait that may be a self portrait.  I have been working on the drawing in the hotel after my training.  I never know where a drawing is going until after I finish it.  this drawing depicts a male with dreadlocks and a checkered shirt. I started the drawing on Wednesday and I…

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