Running with the Devil on a Highway to Hell

Lonnie’s shoesThis week I ran 28 miles. I am 6% to my goal of 1000 miles in 2008. So far this month I have run 62 miles. Today before I ran my 10 mile loop I purchased another pair of running shoes. This it the third pair that I have purchased since I started running in 2006.

It has been really cold for Texas this week. Today the high was 0 degrees here in Austin. One morning I ran in 37 degree weather.  The title of this Blog entry refres to two songs on my running paly list on my iPod.  Running with the Devil and Highway to Hell are great tunes to run while listening to them.

So this image shows the bottom of my running shoes. The run on the right is my old shoe and the one on the left is my old shoe. When the threads on the right side of the shoe disappear that is how I know that it is time for new shoes. I also can feel the need to correct my balance when I run but having physical evidence of wear on a shoe really makes you know it is time for new shoes. Running with old worn out shoes is what contributed to my knee injuries 20 years ago when I stopped running.