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Archive for February 2008

Running Week 9 Day 56 2008

Last night I ran the longest distance in my life.  I ran 14 miles.  I parked my truck at mile post 7 on Pleasant Valley Road just 1/4 mile south of the Longhorn Dam.  I ran north across the dam on the trail towards the Mo-Pac then to mile post 0 near south First Street. …

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Zulu and Wolof Words

I am researching Zulu words for naming a project. I found Zulu on-line dictionary. I have some interesting findings in the rest of this blog post. Word Description Language indaba issue, matter, affair, news item Zulu ucingo phone, noun Zulu fowuna phone, verb Zulu fowunela phone Zulu umakhalekhukhwini cell Zulu khuluma talk Zulu hhawu! wow…

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The Impact of African Languages on American English

The Impact of African Languages on American EnglishJoseph E. Holloway, Ph.D.California State University Northridge Another Wolof word popular in present-day American English is “dig,” as in “dig this man.” This word stems from the Wolof word dega, meaning either “look here” or to “understand,” often used to mark the beginning of a sentence. In the…

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Running Week 6 2008

On Wednesday the 6 I ran my lake loop at night without my iPod.  Today I ran in 80 degree sunshine and it took me about 2 hours.  I am running the same distance but my strength does not feel like it is back to 100%.  I still feel a little weak on my breathing…

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Texas Flu Epidemic

I have not been running much over the past two weeks.  I am just getting over a long mild case of the flu.  All of the 5 folks that I work with had the flu in January and missed work a few days. So I am 20 miles behind my goal.  So far this year…

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