Zulu and Wolof Words

I am researching Zulu words for naming a project. I found Zulu on-line dictionary. I have some interesting findings in the rest of this blog post.

Word Description Language
indaba issue, matter, affair, news item Zulu
ucingo phone, noun Zulu
fowuna phone, verb Zulu
fowunela phone Zulu
umakhalekhukhwini cell Zulu
khuluma talk Zulu
hhawu! wow Zulu
umculo music Zulu
uxolo calm, quiet Zulu
dega dig, to understand Zulu
jey jive in Ebonics (Black English) means misleading talk Wolof
hipi The American words hep, hip, and hippie translate roughly into to be aware or alive to what is going on Wolof
aweh said in excitement, as in: Aweh my boss said I can go home early today African slang
jirre wow! (Afrikaans: ‘Here’, meaning ‘Lord’) African slang
keballas somebody one thinks of as a friend African slang
jislaaik wow African slang
laduma a popular cheer at soccer matches, “he scores!” (literally: “it thunders”, in Zulu) Zulu
chachacha onomatopoeia for ringing bells or rattles worn around the legs of a female dancers Kimbundu
memeza call me, shout Zulu
umuzi village Zulu
wami my Zulu
umuzi wami my village Zulu
ucingo lwami my phone Zulu
i-cell yami my phone Zulu
shamwari friend Shona
mutambo dance n Shona
Enesta Hear Cheyenne
Nikamu Sing Montagnais
shumba lion Shona