Running Week 11 Day 70 2008

I have run 200.5 miles this year.  Tonight I ran 10 miles in about 100 minutes.  I was in the zone for most of the last five miles of my run. 

What is the zone you may be wondering?  To me the zone is a mental and physical state that I get when I am in harmony with running, drawing or cycling.  It is a space that allows you to just be one with what you are doing right at that moment. The zone puts me at the edge of excitement and I am only focused on being in the moment of running, drawing or cycling. 

Sometimes I get in the zone at work when I am writing SQL or HTML code.  This zone is like the zone when I draw, it is more in my brain and not too physical.  When I am cycling or running the zone is very physical and all encompassing making me one with my mind body and the world around me.

Tonight was my first run during daylight savings time so it was light.  I ran faster than normal and I let my pace keep up with my breathing.  My breathing kept pace with my music on my iPod. when I am in the zone I am breathing so much air that I can feel the world swimming in the blood that makes me run.  I can feel the endorphins rushing around my brain. I feel alive and nothing else matters but the process on moving my feet and flying around the lake.