The Saint 10k Trail Run

I ran the 10k The Saint today.  It was my first official 10k race in about 25 years.  This was also my first trail race. I got my new Vasque shoes and ran in them for the first time.  They made me run with more confidence and speed on the down hills because of the increased support over my road running shoes. I am not sure about my time, but I had a timing chip so I’ll check the Rogue web site to see what it was.

I talked to my coach and I definitely want to train for the 30 mile and 50 mile races in the fall.  I did not push myself to run 20k today.  I did run as fast as I could on the 10k just to see how well I would do.  I learned a lot by watching the 30k runners as they passed me.  I also watch what they did at the aid station finish after I was done.  I will definitely get a cooler and try running with two bottles to prevent injuries when you fall.

Today the morning temperature was about 80 and overcast, but it was humid.  Everyone was soaking wet and lots of folks had sweaty mud drips on their ankles.  I hope you are ready to run in the Texas heat.  We are in a bit of extreme drought conditions right now. is being sold

I have owned since June 1998. It was a labor of love and the first domain that I owned, I even started a online store and gallery!. I started my Internet learning experience using Linux and hosted a web site from my home in Portland Oregon when I first got DSL. Well I am in the final stages of selling the domain to Enrique Launi in Canada. I will sue the money to pay off credit card bills.

I am not sure if I wll change the way I sign my artwork on future projects. I have been using the name launi for all of my signatures on my art for over 40 years. I am also considering if I will set up a web site like

So part of me is sad to give up because it was my first domain, but part of me is glad to let go so that I can move on.