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Archive for August 2008

Wifi Cowboy Promotes Healthy Snacks

I have a web site that I use to write about my experiences with farming and rual land management. The WiFi Cowboy web site has banner ads from Google. Today I noticed that Hostess was the ad displaying on the site. I had to laugh at what was going on because here I am writing…

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Nike Human 10k Race Training Run Number 8

Training Data from my Garmin Fore Runner 405 can be viewed online. I still remember last summer barely being able to run 4 miles in the heat in 45 minutes.  Now I am running 5 in under 45 minutes. Data collection does have it’s benefits even when you are measuring just your own personal performance. This…

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Nike Human 10k Race Training Run Number 7

I am really excited about running.  I have been running again since February 2005 without a watch or timing device.  This year starting in January I challenged myself to run 1,000 miles in a year.  So far I have run 589 miles this year.  Most of the miles have been around LBJ Lake by myself. …

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