RunTex training for the Nike Human Race 10k session 7

I did something that amazed me last evening.  The RunTex training session finished with another 2 mile stress run.  During a stress run you run about 70-80% the first mile and then you run was fast as you can for the second mile.  This training is for running under stress at the end of the race.  The first time that I did it a few weeks ago I ran the 2 miles in 15 minutes and when I finished I was really tired.  This time I ran the 2 miles in 15 minutes 10 seconds and I was not exhausted like the the first time.  I rested and talked to members of the class and when the coach said for the class to do a cool down jog I decided to run some more. 

I looked up and saw some Nike Human Race pace setters with a group of runners at the water coolers.  I decided that I would run with them.  After we started runing I thought we would run at a 10 minute mile pace but after talking with a sweeper I found out I was running with the 9 minuted mile pace group.  I ran with them for about four miles before stopping back at mile 0.  I was really proud of myself that I had run a fast 2 miles and then run 4 more miles at a 9 minute pace. 

My .29 warm up was 9.05 per mile. My 2 mile pace was 7:37 per mile.  My 3.95 mile run with the Nike group was 9:13 per mile. My overall pace for the total 6.24 miles was 8:42 minute mile.