Nike Human Race Last Day of Training

Well all of the RunTex Fit City training and Nike club runs are over.  I had such a fun time running and going to the bars after the training runs.  I do not drink alcohol and do not go to bars.  It was a refreshing twist to be in a hot and sweaty crowd of runners in a bar in Austin.

I ran in 100 degree heat from July 19 until last night training for the Nike Human Race on August 31, 2008.  Last year I struggled to run back to back 10 minute miles on a tread mill.  Last night I ran 7.02 miles around Lady Bird Johnson Lake from Mile 0 to the MoPac Brige to I-35 in 1:01:56.

Below is the pace that I ran each mile.

  • Mile 1 at 8:07/mile
  • Mile 2 at 8:15/mile
  • Mile 3 at 8:54/mile
  • Mile 4 at 8:29/mile
  • Mile 5 at 8:25/mile
  • Mile 6 and 7 9:48/mile (my cool down run)

The RunTex coach and Coach Ware (HT track) say that stress training helps make you run stronger. I have never measured my running until I started the Nike Human Race training. Now I have a Garmin 405 and it makes a big difference when I see how I am running. When I run hard the first few miles I stress my body. I still have to run but I will be running stressed. Later in the run I can feel my body recovering in the mile just after I run hard.  My body will learn to recover and theI will develop a long distance pace. I did this last night but I did not think that I would keep the fast pace for as long as I did.

For now I am happy to be running faster and finishing 6 or 7 miles with energy. The trail training will be a new adventure in pushing for further distance.

My next training class is the  Bandera Trail 100k Race in January.  I start my Rouge training on September 13, 2008.  I trained for a year to get in shape to do endurance running.  I was inspired to do this by a co-worker Stephanie Bond-Huie.  She ran a 50 mile race last year.  Last year I was struggling to keep up with her on our 4 mile training runs from Huston-Tillotson where we work down Chicon to LBJ Lake and back.  This year if I run less that 4 miles I feel cheated.  I love running.

I feel very greatful to have a community of runners and coaches to help me reach my running goals.  I am also happy that at the age of 56 I can run like I do and it is fun.  For my training for the 100k trail race I am going to add yoga classes.  The RunTex training included yoga instructors at the start of several sessions.  I benefited from being asked to twist my body in goofy positions.  I can not do yogo very well at thsi point but I can already see how proper structured streaching benefits running.