Nike Human Race 10k

I ran the race in 53:32:35 at 8:31 minute per mile.  You can view my stats here. The Ben Harper concert was so fine. Ben played a solo on the tombolas during his first song and then threw the drum sticks in the audience and I caught one.

The race was a blast, but it was challenging.  It was really hot and humid and there was little breeze.  I am glad that I trained in the afternoon and evening during the heat so that I was prepared for this race. Running with 13,758 runners who were all wearing the same red shirt was amazing.  As I looked up ahead of me I felt like I was a part of a flowing read blob that was winding it’s way through the streets of Austin.

Austin had more runners than New York or Los Angeles. which are much larger cities by population and area. There were more than 700,000 runners world wide running in the race. Out of the 750,000 runners I finished in 46,721st place. In Austin out of 13,758 runners I finished in 1,114th place.

One of the nice things that happened during the training for this event is that I met Pamela LeBlanc.  I met her and talked to her before I learned that she was a journalist for the Austin American Statesman.  Pamela writes a blog Fit City.  It is nice to live in a city where you can actually meet people that write for your local newspaper and they are  runners just like me.