Running is a Social Sport

Where ever you are in your exercise plan is where you are suppose to be.  There is no right or wrong there is just you.

One of the nice things about just being yourself (I repeat this to myself a lot so it is positive re-enforcement for me to write it as well) is that you do not have to rely on what others think or about what the voice in your head thinks about you.  You have the freedom to be you, whatever you chose.  Sometimes I have let the voice in my head tell me to do things because of what other will think.  More often lately I have been breaking out and discovering a lot of nice things about the world including meeting people that I would normally not talk to.

My co-worker Stephanie introduced me to getting me beyond the barrier of just running and not being social.  I sue to run by myself until I started running with Stephanie.  Running and talking is actually fun.  Now when I run I always seek out a group and I love to talk.  Now for a woman talking in a crowd may not be a challenge, but for me it is.  Remember everyone has a challenge of some sort and they are not the same.