Whoo Hoo, Wacom 12 x 19 Tablet is here

It has been a long time since I have had a Wacom tablet connected to my computer.  It all started when I left Oregon and built a new computer. My first Wacom tablet had a serial connection and new computer motherboards do not have thsi conenction.  Another factor was that Wacom drivers for Windows Vista does not support the serial interface. So I have been without a real electronic drawing devise for about 3 years.

Well finally I boke down and decided to help the economy and buy a new 12×19 Wacom tablet. I purchased the tablet after trying to draw a logo for a Logo Tournament. Thsi was the last straw.  If I want to compete in designing fast logos and creating new drawings for my comic I needed to get a new tablet. Well I got one and it arrived yesterday.

Currently I am getting myself reaquainted with how it works, but I am already planning several projects that will jump start my drawing efforts.  Expect to see some improvement in the quality of the scans of the 25 year old drawings on my comic web site.