Linux and RAID5, lessons learned

After a long absence from the Linux community I am disappointed about the lack of support for easy RAID5 in Ubuntu (Debian). I spent about 3 days trying to get RAID 5 to work under Ubuntu with my onboard Fake Raid controller from Intel.  What I learned is that my next purchase will be a real hardware based RAID controller from 3Ware.  I have avoided these add on controlers because of the cost, and now I realize that they are worth it.  I added RAID card into a client’s computer about a month ago and installed Windows XP on it without any problems.  The 3Ware cards are supported in all OSs including Linux and Vista.

I am installing CentOs 5 (RedHat clone) using software RAID.  This is what I had on the computer yease ago.  I say this is the same computer, but in reality the only thing that is original is the Antec Tower case and fans.  I had to compromise and put the boot partition on a single drive because I did not hade a drive to do a RAID1 configuration.  I will regret thsi in about a year.

My plan for this computer is to install VMware server and then install virtual machines using the operating systems that I like.  If I have to rebuild the host computer I cna off-load the virtual machine images and then re-install them after rebuilding the computer.

So this evening at 7:45 PM I have a Cent0s 5.2 system. I have never run any virtualzation software so I am trying gemu which comes with CentOS.  I am installing Vista and I hope that my computer with 4 GB of memory will be enough to work.