Too Much Inside Time

The last two weeks have been spent inside mostly. I have not run during this time. My personal time on weekends has been divided between doing volunteer support for the Rocky Racoon race in Huntsville and fixing my computer. I have not been drawing on Friday either so this month has been quite a change from my routine.

I have regained some of the lost abilities by re-building my home server with CentOS. I really like using Linux and I hope that I can keep it as my host operating system. My experiment with using virtual PCs is proving to be very time consuming to set up. I will spend one more day working on completing the project. My beta test with a small Vista virtual PC was successful. My goal was to see if I could build a Vista box and then have access to it using remote desktop from Sylvia’s computer. I completed this test last night. Now I will build a production virtual PC tomorrow and she will use it to work on her landscape projects.

This weekend I will get out and run.  I also plan to ride my bike at least one mile.