Fitness Goals for 2009

After running 100k (62 miles) on a trail at Bandera Texas I have found a void in my trail running training .  so this weekend I dusted off my bike and on Saturday I rode 10 miles. Today I drove my truck down to the 24 Hour Fitness near UT and rode my bike 23.5 miles back to Cedar Park.  Tomorrow I’ll do my first bike commute in 2009.

While I was riding back home facing mild head winds I thought about my training goal for 2008 and how I ran 1,100 miles instead of 1,000 miles.  I decided that this year I would plan on running 1,000 miles and riding my bike 2,000 miles.  I have never kept track of my yearly mileage since I moved to Texas.  When I lived in Portland, Oregon I rode 3,000 to 4,000 miles for several years.  Bike commuting is the key for me to do that sort of miles in one year.

So I plan on riding my bike a few times a week and running on the weekends and see how I fell. I am glad that I have reduced my weight by 20 pounds and lost several inches off my waist and theigs.  I really noticed my trim legs when I rode my bike because there was more clearance between my theighs and my saddle than the last time that I rode it 8 months ago.