I love servers

Historical Rant

I imagine you have never met a guy like me. I am 57 years old and I grew up as a hippie artist in San Diego. I got involved with computers in the early 1980s in Los Angeles because I wanted to do computer aided design using 3-D mechanical design software. Well, I got side tracked into server administration and database administration and I love it. I found that my brain actually relaxes when I am working on servers and solving problems. I am an IT manager’s dream and a family’s worst nightmare. I treat servers and their data like children, they are never an after thought they are my priority. I do not write very well or speak very well to some folks.

Sarcastic Rant

I long for the day when we can read each other minds so I will not have to struggle with my inapt language skills to communicate. Wait, if folks read my mind will I be thinking like a fool to some folks? Oh well at least I will not be wearing out my 6 fingers typing on a keyboard.