Noir Politics or Black political humor on a Sunday


I normally do not get on polical rants on my personal blog, but here goes.  I posted a few comments about these graphics on my Facebook  page and I thought I would add them to my blog for a more comprehensive commentary on my political views right now. BTW, this is a work in progress. Also just because it is on the Internet does not mean that i t is true.  the Billion Dollor Gram that I have linked in this posting has data that is unverified, but it supports my way of thinking so I am using it in my one sided debate between me and you (if anybody waste time in reading this).

When I voted for Obama I really voted for a cool looking  logo. I figure if a candidate takes time to have a good looking logo he has attention to details. Did I get hung up on the real change campaign spin? Real change will never happen with one president, or even with politics. The world will change when each individual changes. Hey there is change every day. On second thought if I change my point of view it is just like the world changing. At least I do not have to go through the day thinking something is wrong or broke.

The mess on the Billion Dollar Gram chart is not the work of one person. Yeah I take responsibility for being a part of the problem, I over used my credit card like a lot of people did. One person can not fix it either and if people voted for Obama because they thought that he could press the easy button and talk his way to utobia then they are fools. I voted for Obama because of all the candidates that were running at the time I like him and his logo. I was not under the delusion that he was going to make the whole world full of rainbows and the middle east love us to death, well maybe they want to love us to death.


I went to school with a lot of rich conservative kids in La Jolla California. I have been sparring with political views for a while. The first time I voted it was for Ronald Regan for president. I did not vote when I turned 18 because I was a real drop out living in the San Bernadino mountains. I did not pay income taxes for almost 10 years because I had no income. I decided to come down from the hills to ‘play’ at the game for a while.

Once you realize it is all a game you can really enjoy life. Set your goals and then go for it. I am an under the radar under achiever by most peoples observations, but I am doing what I want for the most part. The only thing that I would change is that I should have paid more attention to my friends who were in the stock market earlier in my life. Lots of my high school buddies are set right now.

campaign_2010_-_juke_poster1111I’ll be putting a Kinky Friedman sticker on my truck as soon as I can find one. Kinky is running for govenor here in Texas and he has a nice logo.