Wormley Image Archive is finally back online

I have moved my image archive from the hosted site on Site Ground to my own server.  The Wormley Archive is an experiment on for me learning about web technologies.  I was testing the hosed services on Site Ground to see if it was worth the extra expense of running my own servers.  It took about two years for me to reach the limit of what Site Ground offers.  I knew that I would find the limit to hosted services and I did.  site ground offered unlimited storage so I copied all my 22 GB of images to their servers.  I found out that the unlimited storage did not include muitimedia files and Site Ground consideres JPG files multi media.  I also reached the PHP memory limit on their shared hosted server/  They wanted me to use a private hosted server for more money.  I decided to move my site to my own server.

So now the complete personal images that I have taken and some of my close friends and relatives have taken of me and my family are on line.  I will keep them on this server and will finally start to organize them and add to the archive.