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Getting to Know Albany, Gerogia

I have been living in Georgia since January 10, 2010. I started working at Albany State University (ASU) on January 11,2010. The surroundings here in Albany are laid back but at ASU my brain gets a real challenge. This weekend Sylvia and I went to the dam in North Albany on the Flint River. We…

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Cotton Pickin' Hill Billy 100 Mile Ultra

Well this is a fine mess I find myself in. My plan was to get out of credit card debt, get a better job and start trail running again. I did not expect that all of these goals would find me living in Albany Georgia. This past weekend on the Saturday before Super Bowl Sunday…

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Georgia on my mind

Texas was not deep enough in the south for me so I relocated to Albany, Georgia. I have been her almost a month and the adventure of living in a new city and working at a new institution are still fresh. This week week as I walked across the campus with my paper notebook in…

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