Getting to Know Albany, Gerogia

Flint River Dam
Flint River Dam

I have been living in Georgia since January 10, 2010. I started working at Albany State University (ASU) on January 11,2010. The surroundings here in Albany are laid back but at ASU my brain gets a real challenge.

This weekend Sylvia and I went to the dam in North Albany on the Flint River. We were sitting in Carino’s restaurant and the waiter asked us why we had moved to Albany. We have had this question asked to us several times since we arrived. Sometimes it seems like a trick question. Anyway we told him that we came here because I had a job at ASU. There was the usual response from the waiter, a sigh of relief. I am always quick to respond with the fact that we really like Albany’s quality of life and the nice break from the hustle bustle that is in big cities. We like the fact that even waiters take the time to find out who you are.

So this waiter told us about this neat spot that locals go right below the dam and we decided to check it out. There is an old Georgia Power plant with a boat ramp and lots of places for fishermen to sit and enjoy the roar of the river going over the spillway.

Lake Chehaw
Lake Chehaw

I took several pictures and I imagine that when I come back to this spot in the spring and summer it will look totally different.  It is nice to discover a new part of the country in the winter time first.  You can see landmarks clearly when the trees do not have leaves.  You are looking at nature when it is dormant.  The trails are not surrounded by tall grasses, bugs and snakes.

The view of the lake behind the dam is really beautiful.  Lake Chehaw is the largest lake in Albany, GA.  Lake Worth is a smaller lake just north of Lake Chehaw but is still part of the Flint River waterway behind a second smaller dam. I can not wait until the summer to see how the community comes out to enjoy this natural resource.

We looked at a open house that has a boat dock right on the north shore of Lake Chehaw. I have always wanted to own a house on a lake. Maybe this will be the lake of my dreams.

Cotton Pickin' Hill Billy 100 Mile Ultra

Flint River in winterWell this is a fine mess I find myself in. My plan was to get out of credit card debt, get a better job and start trail running again. I did not expect that all of these goals would find me living in Albany Georgia. This past weekend on the Saturday before Super Bowl Sunday I want for a walk around the

Albany State University (ASU) campus where I work and the Flint River.

There are several things that I miss here in Albany Georgia that I enjoyed in Austin Texas. I decided that instead of complaining about what I missed i decided to create the possibility of brining those things here. One thing that I want to create is a green belt trail along both banks of the Flint River. I would also like to create a world class ultra running event here.

I am not sure about all the details, but I will have fun working on these projects.

Georgia on my mind

Texas was not deep enough in the south for me so I relocated to Albany, Georgia. I have been her almost a month and the adventure of living in a new city and working at a new institution are still fresh.

This week week as I walked across the campus with my paper notebook in hand I was whistling as I passed through groups of students go to classes. I noticed how everyone of them was either talking on a mobile device or listening to music on them. I marveled at how odd I must seem to them as I walked without having any electronic device turned on and instead i was making the music with my lips.

Albany Georgia is a lot like Portland, only smaller and really flat. Albany has the Flint River running through the middle of the downtown area and lots of pine and pecan trees all over.