Cotton Pickin' Hill Billy 100 Mile Ultra

Flint River in winterWell this is a fine mess I find myself in. My plan was to get out of credit card debt, get a better job and start trail running again. I did not expect that all of these goals would find me living in Albany Georgia. This past weekend on the Saturday before Super Bowl Sunday I want for a walk around the

Albany State University (ASU) campus where I work and the Flint River.

There are several things that I miss here in Albany Georgia that I enjoyed in Austin Texas. I decided that instead of complaining about what I missed i decided to create the possibility of brining those things here. One thing that I want to create is a green belt trail along both banks of the Flint River. I would also like to create a world class ultra running event here.

I am not sure about all the details, but I will have fun working on these projects.