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Archive for April 2010

Albany Sand Dunes

I work near the last natural sand dunes in Georgia.  I have driven by the dunes for  about four months and today I decided to run on them. I have not run on any trails since early 2009.  I have been running one to three miles on the  concrete trail along the Flint River with my road…

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Birthday Number 58

My wife asked me how I felt after one more year on the planet.  I responded to her question with the fact that I do not measure my life, goals and accomplishements by the birthday calendar.  I measure my goals by the calendar year.  Every goal that I have set for myself is based on…

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Run what you brung, no matter where you are.

Today I created the possibility for running in the Snickers Mardi Gras Festival Marathon in 2011.  This marathon is held each year in Albany, Georgia on March 5, 2011. I have completed my hiatus from running.  My long break from running came when I completed a 62 mile trail run in January 2009. I had…

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