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Archive for August 2010

Who says a Mac does not crash?

Here is my latest dump file. Interval Since Last Panic Report:  1127014 sec Panics Since Last Report:          1 Anonymous UUID:                    F2C3F164-E22C-4CED-9F75-D38C6BF746D9 Tue Aug 17 00:36:22 2010 panic(cpu 1 caller 0x2a8ab2): Kernel trap at 0x002945e6, type 14=page fault, registers: CR0: 0x8001003b, CR2: 0x0d6d1004,…

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What a wonderful world of Con VMware Fusion

I like using my MacBook Pro 17 inch laptop. I love running Windows 7 on it and switching to Mac applications and the wonderful BSD terminal for work on my Linux servers. Today I fixed an annoying problem on my virtual machine running Windows 7. I needed to resize my 40GB virtual disk and make…

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