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Archive for September 2010

Mac OS X Kernel Panic.

I love it when I push a machine to it’s limits. Some day I’ll review the errors and figure out what caused this bomb.  I must say that I do miss the old Mac bomb icon in system 6.  the new multi language message that tells you to that your system has crashed is so…

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Mac OS X and FreeBSD

Sometimes I for get about the Mac OS x being a variant of BSD. I am working on getting my Soekris appliance updated from Debian 3 to FreeBSD 8.1.  In the process I was using a VMware Fusion FreeBSD virtual machine to build my image for my embedded network appliance.  When it came time to…

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Exchange 2010 Continuous Login

The way that it was explained to me is that Exchange needs to authenticate you for each email session.  This should happen only once when you start Outlook.  Every time that you quit Outlook Exchange will ask for your credentials once.  Make sure that your are authenticating with asuramsyourusername and no other server.  Once you…

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