Exchange 2010 Continuous Login

The way that it was explained to me is that Exchange needs to authenticate you for each email session.  This should happen only once when you start Outlook.  Every time that you quit Outlook Exchange will ask for your credentials once.  Make sure that your are authenticating with asuramsyourusername and no other server.  Once you do this you will not be prompted again for authentication until you exit Outlook.

This is an enhanced security feature for Exchange.  One advantage to this feature is that it allows you to access email without VPN.  The email connection is secure and encrypted between your remote Outlook client and Exchange.  To make sure that it is you when your laptop or computer starts up Exchange wants your authentication to give you access to your email.

I fixed the problem with Dr. King-Jupiter because the pop-up was populated with webmailyourusername.  I am not sure why that happened, but after I changed this to asuramsyourusername the pop up only displayed once each Outlook session.

If you are getting a Continuous Login during your Outlook session then your Outlook configuration is not correct or the pop up that is displaying I not authenticating to the Exchange server.

Here is a sample of what the pop up should look like

If the default user does not show ASURAMSyourusername then select Use another account and type in ASURAMSyourusername.  You should only have to do this once until you exit Outlook. If you leave your computer on all day and it does not go to sleep then you should never see this pop up again.  I use Fusion and sometime I suspend my session at work.  I take my laptop home and start my Windows session and it I have Outlook open at work when I suspend when I start my session at home Outlook will behave like it was still on, I do not get a pop up until I exit Outlook.

I am including my Outlook settings that I sent out previously for your reference.  If you still have problems I will make arrangements to look at your settings.  These are the settings that I used to fix Dr. King-Jupiter’s problem.  When I contacted her she said that everything was working fine.  If this is not the cans then I will investigate any new issues that are being reported through Track-It!

Below are the basic settings for MS Outlook client. I have tested these settings on Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2007. When checking settings for anyone make sure that you use the settings below.  You will have to substitute the correct username for lcwormley. If you do the proxy settings you will be able to connect to Exchange 2010 serves from anywhere without using VPN.  Please test and let me know if here are any problems.