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Archive for November 2010

RSYNC notes

rsync -avzurl -e –exclude-from=’/sys’ –rsh=’ssh -p 22222′ /home/eol/home/eoldevadmin/ rsync -avzurl -e –exclude-from=’/sys’ –rsh=’ssh -p 22222′ /home/eol/home/eoldevadmin/ rsync -axvrHgp –delete ssh -p 22222 /

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Oh my snake farm bones girl

Beyoncé from O Magazine L’Oreal ad I finished the latest entry into my series of O magazine inspired drawings.  When I was looking through the September 2010 issue I found this picture and you may find this surprising but I selected it for inspiration before I realized who it was.  I sketched out my basic draft on my…

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Fedora 14 convert VMWare to KVM

Agave Virtual Machine On Fedora It was the simplest thing that I have done on a Linux box.  I thought it would be real complicated and would not work, boy was I wrong.  It use to be that only macho super geeks could run Linux, now even a cave man can do it, For starters…

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Fedora 14 and KVM

Finally got a virtual machine running on my aging Intel Core Duo with 4 GB RAM.  This is a swan song for this ASUS P5K deluxe main board.  I had to install an IDE drive to get Linux Grub to load my Intel BIOS 2.3 terabyte RAID 5.  I am debating installing an additional 4 GB RAM to help out with the virtual…

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Oh my dragon lady

I am drawing another portrait.  I started this drawing on October 30 and I have been posting progress on my FaceBook page.  I started with another picture in Oprah’s O magazine for inspiration.  I am doing a series of pictures that are inspired from advertisements in the magazine. Oh my Little Dragon lady is starting to be the…

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