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Archive for January 2011

Wormley Georgia Southern RR (WGSRR)

I have always wanted a garden railway. Like a lot of my dreams and plans some day never appears on a calendar and the only way dreams become a reality is by getting them out of my head and into the real world. this series of blog post is just that. I am planning my…

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Ground Hog Purple Daze

I am working on another drawing.  I decided to write this blog entry as I was drawing and then publish the entry when I finish the drawing.  This drawing is another in my Oh My Girls series.  I chose a picture of Andie McDowell from a L’Oréal ad. I started the drawing the first weekend…

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Making Home Made Bread

I have finally started making bread, again. I use to make bread from scratch way back when I was cooking at Camp Mozumdar in the San Bernardino mountains in California. My recipes at that time came from the Joy of Cooking. I modified the recipies to include whole wheat flour. I even had a Jewish…

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Home Theater Personal Computer (HTPC) build list

I am building another computer for personal use.  I have posted on this blog a few years ago about building a server optimized for virtualzation. I have converted my existing desktop tower into a machine that is running virtual desktops, but it is not very fast.  I desperately need a DVR to get back into recording media from televised broadcasts. I…

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